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Contracts, Family Law, Child Custody, Legal Document Service
Contracts, Family Law, Child Custody, Legal Document Service
Contracts, Family Law, Child Custody, Legal Document Service

Quit Claim Deeds
Power of Attorney
Promissory Note
Deeds of Trust
Living Trusts
Family Law Matters
Marital Settlement Agreement
Restraining Order
Incorporation/ LLC /Other
Predatory Lending
Unlawful Detainer
Notice To Quit
Answer to Unlawful Detainers
Name Change
Civil Lawsuit Complaint
Civil Lawsuit Answer
Application for Fee Waiver,
Order & Notice
California Residential Lease
And Much More!

Legal Made Easy LLC provides affordable legal document preparation  taking the complexity and stress out of the Court system procedure and allowing "Justice For All!"

  Our staff has over 18 years experience in legal document preparation providing our clients with quick, accurate document preparation services at a fraction of the cost with "outstanding customer service"! If you have any questions or concerns during our handling all you have to do is pick up the phone or email us. Our goal is to restore YOUR peace of mind!

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  "We Care" ... our staff is very  passionate/compassionate about the people and the cases we handle and strive to offer excellent service down to the smallest detail! Legal Made Easy has a reputation of honesty and integrity as evidenced by our record with the Better Business Bureau.

Do it Yourself . . . Not  by Yourself!
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Affordable Legal Document Assistance
     If you are having marital problems, you may have considered getting a "do-it-yourself" divorce guide. They generally give you the basics of how to prepare the paperwork and file your own divorce, but gives you no guidance on any other aspect of the process. Even worst, they leave you to draft your own Marital Settlement Agreement.

   The problem is, unless you have the experience to do this right, the impact of a poorly drafted Agreement could be loss of support, custody and visitation problems, and many other unforeseen negative consequences.

Legalmadeeasy - Legal Document Preparation
Legalmadeeasy, Legal Made Easy LLC, Legal Document Preparation
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Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Contracts, Marital Settlement Agreement, Incorporation, DBA Filing
Paternity, Unlawful Detainer, Answer to Complaint, Notice to Quit
Bankruptcy, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Civil Actions, Small Claims, Agreements
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            Legal Made Easy LLC  solves this problem for you!

   Our professional staff prepares your Divorce, Bankruptcy, Wills and whole lot of  other legal documents to meet your specific needs, in accordance with the applicable law. We employ attorney-drafted documents to meet your requirements. No "fill-in-the-blank, check box forms" are used, other than the required Judicial Council Forms. Our staff use's material developed by attorneys, and from Legal Procedure Manuals created for attorneys practicing the applicable area of law.

  Our work is guaranteed to be correct, detailed and complete from start to finish!
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Self-representation may not always be the right way to go. We recognize our limitations and understand that some cases will require attorney services. If so, we will help you find a competent, reasonably-priced, attorney at your request. Remember, you must click the link for personal assistance from us to get an attorney referral.
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