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Last Will and Testament Fillable Forms
Living  Will Fillable Forms
Complete Forms, Instructions & Support
Specifically Designed for Use in All 50 States

Easy, Affordable, Fast, Guaranteed Current, 1 Year Unlimited Access!
Only  $40.99 for Entire Package!
This Kit is designed to help you in preparing a simple Will
and Living Will, all forms are  Computer Fillable or you can print a hard copy.
It has been prepared for someone having a modest estate.

This comes with Free Updates, Support and Various Other Free Downloads including but not limited to a Durable Power of Attorney and Wallet Card!

Everything you NEED to Get the Job Done at a Fraction of the Cost!

We will also One time for FREE modify any provision to better fit your needs!
Just email us the addition, modification or deletion you desire
and we will alter the form within 48 hours and send it to you via email.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at:

                 Leave assets to your surviving spouse or any other beneficiary you choose.

                   Decide who will be the guardian of any minor children.
                   You do not have to worry about giving out your personal information online.

                    Why not fill out your will forms in the privacy of your own home?  You can fill out                         these easy to use forms by hand, or fill them out on your computer.  All of your                           information remains private and confidential.

                   If you ever need to make any changes or update your will, you can easily do so                             anytime you wish.... free of charge.

 No Shipping Fees!!
Get It Fast!
 Site, File Access and Support  will be made available upon payment.

Do it Yourself . . . Not by Yourself at a Fraction of the COST!
Serving our Clients Since 1991 with Affordable Alternatives with a Excellent BBB Rating!

Forms Included in Download:

Last Will and Testament (s); Living Will(s);  Wallet Card , Plus Durable Power of Attorney!  Numerous variations to choose from.:


List of Beneficiaries -  This form will help you in listing all the family members, friends and organizations you wish to distribute property to under your will;

Personal Data Sheet - This form is designed to help you in listing all of the personal information about you and your affairs, which should be known by your executor and family members;

Statement of Wishes - This form is used to make your family aware of your wishes concerning matters that are not  included in your Last Will and Testament. This is not legally binding but  provides guidelines concerning funeral arrangements, education of children, investments etc.;

Persons to be Notified;

Estate Planning Checklist - This Checklist is used to guide and assist you in developing a plan for the distribution of  your property under your Last Will and Testament;

Important Documents - This document is used to assist and provide your executor and/or family with the location of your important papers, including your Last Will and Testament;

Insurance and Pension Information - This document is used to provide your executor and/or family with information concerning your Life Insurance Policies and Profit Sharing Plans;

Instructions -  Do It Yourself, Not By Yourself!  Have a question after reading the instructions just email us or go to our questions page.;

Wallet Card - To carry with you in case of EMERGENCY!

Free Access to our Power of Attorney Computer Fillable Forms Site Included!

1 Year Membership, Access & Downloads  $40.99 

Hard Copies By Mail   $49.00 - Free Shipping!
With Hard Copy Purchase you are still provided Internet Access to All Forms, Support , Updates etc.

CD Version with ALL Forms above included  $49.00 - Free Shipping!
With CD purchase are are also provided Internet Access to ALL Forms, Support, Updates etc.

Last Will and Testament Purchase Options
Last Will & Testament Kit Download
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Make sure your assets are left to your loved ones and avoid probate
You make the decision who will be the guardian of your children
You will never need to give your personal information out online
Prepare Complete and Update your Forms in the comfort of your own home
Update or change your Last Will and Testament or Living Will in minutes not days
Last Will & Testament (General)
Last Will & Testament Married with Children
Last Will & Testament Married with Adult Children
Last Will & Testament Single No Children
Last Will & Testament Single With Children
Customized Addendum to Last Will and Testament
California Statutory Last Will and Testament
PA Specific Health Care Directive
Living Will with Hipaa (all inclusive) - my favorite
Simple Living Will
Ohio Specific Living Will
Living Will / Advance Directive Wallet Card
Durable Power of Attorney
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   Wondering how we can offer these  Kits at such Low Prices? Simple . . . . We have already done most of the work for our Clients and that saves YOU Money! 
Serving Our Community and Clients from California to Alaska Since 1991!

We also make our Form Kits  available at the Sites Above!
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To think too long about doing a thing often becomes it's undoing !